When we opened in 2010 Carla’s original ideas was to open an Italian Sandwich shop to be named after her daughter Morgan. She was going to call it Moregano’s.  She wanted nothing to do with the bar business after managing several for over 20 years.  When we walked into what was then Parkway Station…we fell in love with the location, size and all the regulars. Carla and I went back on some of their busier nights and sat out by the fountain and “just chilled” dreaming about what we could do with the place.  We loved the space, but soon decided that the sandwich shop should be a neighborhood pub.  We made some modest changes and now several years later it is what you see, a destination that used to be Hillsboro’s best kept secret.  Welcome to Morgy’s!

Morgys became the first location of our new adventure.  We invite you to travel to Old Town Beaverton and Multnomah Village in Southwest Portland to visit some of our other establishments:  The Ship Tavern, and Broadway Saloon!

We love to invite old friends and new soon-to-be friends to come down and hang out with us! We’d love to meet you too, so come in, stay a while, have a cold drink or some great food and introduce yourself!

~ Todd & Carla

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